About Us


Having been involved in the beauty industry for 20 years, it was only a few years ago that I introduced a small line of handbags & accessories into my salon. Having had such a great response my curiosity encouraged me to explore new lines and before I knew where I was my excitement led me into a completely new industry. I like determination, I like passion, I like hard work, I like risk and of course I like pretty :O)
Mix this combo altogether and voila!! I have a second business - I introduce to you Snook's Gift Boutique.

For those of you who don't know me I lost my mum Christmas 2014 :o(
My mum would have always been my first port for call when I made my 'mad' decisions, whether it was just a chew off an ear, have a gripe, shed a tear or not come up for air in excitement mum was always there to encourage & support my decisions. That all said, I needed mum to be a part of this new journey - Snook's was my pet name she'd given me. So, my 'Snook's Gift Boutique' was to become her legacy.
Where on earth did Snook’s come from, I hear you say…it was a pet name I gave my dummy – the dummy I so adamantly refused to give up!!  Like you do!! Mum would say ‘you’ll turn into that Snook’s one day if you’re not careful. For so many years, the sheer embarrassment as mum addressed me as Snook’s in a public crowd, or more embarrassingly, in front of the new fella ;O) I’d cringe Ha-ha. What I would give now to hear those loving warm words once again. So of course, what better way than to name my lil gift shop after mum’s pet name for me. A day no more to be embarrassed but instead to be proud and with a hope that she’s up there somewhere with a sense of glow about the same feelings I get inside when I stand back and see Snook’s Gift Boutique.

Adding an extra special touch and bringing her right into my dream I had a wonderful designer take mum's handwriting from her very last Christmas card she gave me and import the image into the wonderful logo she designed. Right into the handwritten gift take upon the gift. You will see mum's handwriting is - Snook's.
To accompany my design, I sat down my lovely dad and my lovely grandad (mum’s dad) and had them write the remaining text to complete this magical and very special logo. Dad wrote ‘Gift’ and grandad wrote ‘Boutique’. Transferring this lovely logo onto all my marketing and onto my gift bags gives me a great sense of pride &  means mum gets to travel in spirit to not just local homes but those afar too, courtesy of our lovely holiday makers that join us in our lovely seaside town at various times of the year.
As I put my dream into action, I shopped till I dropped, I market researched, I negotiated, I delegated and the moment that dotted line was signed I turned Snook’s Gift Boutique around in a matter of weeks. I could not wait to bring this lil boutique to the high street. I wanted to bring quirky, exquisite, classy, and affordable to our high street and that I did. I accrued a lovely team of ladies who have been the friendly faces at the excessively big heart of my Lovely Snook’s Gift Boutique.  
Having received such lovely reviews & comments from customers who shop in our store it is with a very big thank you that I give to you for your support in helping make my lil store the success it is. My aim is to keep Snook’s alive & to continuing growing & giving you exactly what you need. I’m super excited to now be launching Snook’s Online – watch this space as we continue to grow!!!
Happy Browsing & Happy Shopping
with Many Thanks & Much Love x x
Amanda & The Girls x x